@Gargron in many parts of the UK, street lights turn off after 01:00

@jk is an ASMR YouTuber one who needs an inhaler?

You shouldn't make fun of them.

Today I am chopping one leg off've oauth2's 3-legged auth to make some kind of wobbly monster.

@jk it is her time of assention; she will become one with the gods, and the ceiling, and that light fixture over there.

What happens is I uninstall this?

This is going to be like that time when I typed Google into Google and broke the internet.

Wearing a motion capture suit to a job interview with a view to digitally replacing myself with Andy Serkis

@jk you can spot the key animators because they have no in-between poses when they step from foot to foot.

You can spot the junior animators because their eyes move up and down their faces when they walk.

You can spot the effects animators because they don't walk, just appear in an explosion and vanish into a blobby liquid.

You can spot the storyboard artists because they don't have faces half the time.

@troubleMoney @jk we pointed a camera through the window and compared the flashing to what was happening on BBC 2, perhaps?

@jk d'you think those TV detector vans really could detect anything, back in their day?

@jk you could make it using those heated bimetal-strip locks, like tumble dryers have, so after the lock is disengaged, you have to wait 20 seconds for the metal to cool before you can actually take your USB drying out.

@jk so, er, does that mean that you now know if your graphics card is dying?

Just tracking the evolutionary process...

Break point (2 words)
Break-point (hyphenated)
Breakpoint (compound word)
Broint (portmanteau) ⬅️ we are now here
⛔ (pictogram)

@jk well its all in my search history now, so you win I guess.

@jk 5 years ago!? How old even is nxinx anyway...?

* looks it up *


In that case, I am also much older.


@jk nginx devs: it's pronounced like 'Engine X'.

Me: it's pronounced like 'enjinx' and once you've said it once, that way, you'll never turn back.

@jk That feeling of not being average is quite normal.

Average, you might say.

Pretty sure this is why Google Chrome is now hiding most of the URL

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