What happens is I uninstall this?

This is going to be like that time when I typed Google into Google and broke the internet.

Pretty sure this is why Google Chrome is now hiding most of the URL

I'm sorry Samsung Pay can erase what now?!?

I'm sure that the intention here is to protect the user, but really, no you may not do that.

Pretty sure the android permission system is built against this kind of behaviour, too.

Are they perhaps getting elevated privileges on Samsung handsets?

Yeah; reading this on the harbucks'ses website just amplifies the annoyances

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I have statistical proof that I'm good at my job. That's reassuring.

I'm still wondering what the goal was with these redistributable packages.

I have 26 installed; I have no idea which of them were installed for which software, or are currently needed, so I have to keep them all.

Reminds me of the old vbrun400.dll


Google bundles their remembering of the things you might want them to know, like your home address for navigation, with their remembering everything that you do on the web or in any app ever, which you might not want to let them remember.

In this way, you may only agree to their remembering of _all_ of your "Web and App Activity", or none of it.

Turn off Web and App Activity in your Google account and you'll be amazed how many Google products suddenly start asking you to turn it on.

Game streaming services like GeForce Now, and Google Stadia, enable crappy computers to play games that are beyond their capabilities.

Here's Biosock Infinite playing on a Microsoft Surface Go - a computer with no discrete graphics hardware.

Playing hide - and - seek with Windows Hello. It's kinda creepy.

While diagnosing a hardware problem, I removed the WiFi card from my laptop.

That didn’t solve the problem, but I snapped the antenna connector off the WiFi card PCB, so now I have to replace it anyway 🙄

... and I still have diagnostics to do.

Following on from this, I do believe I have found a way to turn these lumens into real-enough-to-spend money via a service called Wirex. Time will tell if this is a good idea or not.

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