Just so I remember for the future;

Even though Adobe warn people off installing or using Flash, Windows 10 installs Adobe Flash player, then keeps downloading updates for it, and the only way to stop this is to download, separately, the Adobe Flash uninstaller package.

I assume around December Windows will automatically uninstall Flash.

Watching old Glastonbury performances has taught me that I am the kind of person who will shout 'focus!' at the TV.

I'm sorry Samsung Pay can erase what now?!?

I'm sure that the intention here is to protect the user, but really, no you may not do that.

Pretty sure the android permission system is built against this kind of behaviour, too.

Are they perhaps getting elevated privileges on Samsung handsets?

Having an innuendo-littered-typo kind of day

So far we've seen...

$ git ass -A


$ dicker-compose up -d

... And typing them verbatim on a phone is really hard, too.

Can anybody help me understand why streaming audio services are worth ¤9.99 - ¤14.99/month, but streaming video services are only worth ¤4.99 - ¤7.99/month?

I think that streaming video services are technologically more difficult and expensive to deliver, so why is audio-only valued higher?

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if more than 2.5 people find this funny i will vectorise and make it available for anyone to use
im such a sad nerd

5 minutes before heading home: terrible showstopping bug in a test deployment.

"I'll save that for monday"

1 hour later: the solution just crawls into my brain.

@Gargron is there a tool to find federation relays? I've not found one but would like to get more random stuff in my federated timeline.

One of those 'North face' brand baseball caps, except the brim bit always rotates towards the magnetic North Pole.

My 6-year-old laptop makes a pretty good work-from-home machine, all things considered. It's still fast, can run all my business applications, and battery life is still over 5 hours of normal use.

Finding it difficult to justify buying a new one. The only thing this is missing is a TPM, but I might be able to mitigate that with software and smart cards.

2015: NIST concludes that 2FA via SMS is not sufficiently secure.

2019: Most UK banks begin compulsory rollout 2FA via SMS for online services.

Regrettably, this is still more secure than ever before.

Can we hurry up and switch everything over to IPv6, so I can stop talking about about split-DNS and NAT-reflection, please.

Yeah; reading this on the harbucks'ses website just amplifies the annoyances

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