Look, I'm not trying to imply that someone should sue someone, but it does look like Splinter Cell predicted the iPhone 11 camera over a decade ago

What a perfect way to start a Friday.

Guess who gets to spend the weekend doing diagnostics...


I'm going to install the English (Australia) voice pack, to see if Cortana speaks with an Australian accent.

Another new feature makes the "switch input language" hotkey [Start + Space] always work -- even after you remove all hotkeys from this function.

It's never been easier to switch to en-US input language no matter how hard you try not to.

Yes I did just pour a bag of sherbert into a cup of tea, what's your point?

Windows 10 1903 updates adds the feature to always switch you to en-US input language and keyboard layout even after you remove the en-US language from your computer.

Overheard: Carrots are like crack for horses.

Me on Sunday morning: nice, I can finally sleep in.

Smoke alarm with low battery: let me sing you the song of my people.

I first realised that computers had become central to my life when I was at uni and I tried to press CTRL + Z to undo a mistake I made on a pad of paper.

Today I realised that touchscreen computing is now central to my life after I tried to scroll the text on a cardboard box by swiping it.

We’ve all tried predictive text, now try predictive sext.

Okay. Help me out here, Fediverse;
@keybase gave me some kind of virtual fun-bucks currency, which it appears is currently worth something in a currency that I've heard of.

How do I buy a pizza?

"Nyaaaaah, So When Yah,
Gonna Try A Cappuccino ?!?!"

Top quality work from Harry's today; well played.

Here's the location, if you're thinking of dressing like an animal and bowing to the sign...


... You weren't thinking of that?

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Pretty sure that I can use the gdpr to force Starbucks data control officer to come here and correct this cup. 😠

It’s been a long time since I last rode a train.

I should really read the service manual before buying my next laptop.

Battery replacement should be easy.

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