I have an odd ratio of lava lamps to lava lamp bottles.

I also found an original XBOX controller; the one that's the size of a VW beetle and has slots for a headset or memory cart in the top.

Oh, there's two -- one is still in the blister pack.

Perhaps it was a mistake to collect 25 kilos of SCART cables. If I get rid of them, I'll have enough space in the crates for all my USB cables, which will make enough space in my desk for the screwdrivers.

Cryptic message in windows event logs categorised as 'drive' with no other human language attached.

I sense that this might mean something important. Possibly about one of the drives.

We must read the runes; Call The Seer.

I’m starting to think that keeping 20,000 emails in one folder isn’t a great idea for performance.

WSL 2 Docs: “The primary goals of this update are to increase file system performance”

Also WSL 2 docs: “the WSL 2 architecture outperforms WSL 1 in several ways, with the exception of performance across OS file systems.”

Computer: There’s a problem. Attempting automatic repair.
Computer: okay! Rebooting!
Computer: welcome to windows 8.1! You have a desktop!! ... All your files are gone.

This image classification algorithm seems to think that anything with points at the top is a cat picture.

Picture of cat ears? That's a cat.

Dog with pointy ears? It's a cat my friend.

Building with tall pitched roof? That's a cat.

Cathedral with spires? Totally a cat.

Cat with its ears down? ... it's a dog..?

You can link a user to the webpage, but you can’t make them scroll.

— ancient proverb

I think you’ll find that I very much *can* and *will* make them scroll.

Open your own drawer, take out a pair of scissors, frantically try and fail to cut because they’re stupid and backwards

If you typo crunchyroll, you might do a search for crunchyrikk, which sounds like a trademark belonging to adultswim.

I don’t know why this list exists, but here it is.

Contains swears and tinned meats

Okay, enough of this.

<speaks into tannoy system>: Bring me the person who understands how the "Treat as an alias" setting in gmail works.

Restored from a backup, but maybe I need a spare Windows VM or something to avoid downtime.

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Yup. All my files are gone. But I can play candy crush or sign up to office 365, which is what’s really important, after all.

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Aha, great, Microsoft respects my privacy and therefore won’t let me use my computer until I agree to some things.

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Oh great. Windows has ‘repaired’ all the user profiles and is now reinstalling all the bloat ware from the Microsoft store. Time for a restore from backup, I think.

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